Covid-19 Bereavement Support

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Bereavement Support for Families

Is your child overwhelmed by their feelings? Are they acting out or becoming withdrawn as a result?

We can help...

We know the death of a loved one is devastating at any time, but with the added stresses, anxieties and uncertainties due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, it may mean the world already feels upside down and this can make it more difficult to manage and cope with the situation for both you and your child.     

We know that usually family and friends would want to surround you following the loss of your loved one, offering physical, emotional and practical help, supporting and comforting both you and your children. 

Sadly, during lockdown and with social distancing restrictions in place this just isn't possible in the same way and this can intensify feelings during an already incredibly difficult time, bringing up difficult feelings of loneliness and isolation for the whole family. 

For children who would usually find comfort in continuing with their regular routines, such as attending school, other activities or simply playing with their friends, this adds additional confusion and frustration; they may become more unsettled and overwhelmed by their big feelings and as loving parents/carers it can be difficult to know how to deal with this or where to turn for support, especially when faced with managing your own grief.  

Our 8-week Bereavement Support Programme





So how will you support me?

Reaching out is the first step. A phone call with one of our team will allow us to tailor support to meet your families’ needs, to find out what is best for you during this very difficult time.

Our support;

  • An initial chat with one of our therapists to talk through your child's needs.

  • Your child will have 8 1:1 sessions with one of our fully qualified therapists.

  • Alongside sessions we will support you via telephone as needed. 

  • We will support and guide you with next steps for supporting your child when the sessions end.

    Our support is designed to;

  • normalise grief and provide a safe space for your child to explore their feelings around the loss of their loved one.

  • enable your child to express themselves through play and creative arts.

  • gently encourage your child to explore memories of their loved one who has died and help them to find healthy ways to stay connected to them.  

  • equip your child with coping strategies to deal with their grief.

  • help you to understand and develop new ways to respond to your child's big feelings.

  • teach you about grief in children and ways you could support your child with this.

  • support you and your child to find new creative ways to cope together.

Please don't struggle alone, Book your initial chat with us today.