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The beautiful thing about life, is that we will never reach an age where there is nothing left to learn, see or be; it's magical really.

~ Dulce Ruby ~

SandStory Skills® Training

Are your responsible for supporting children and young peoples emotional well-being?
Do you want to learn
NEW, INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE techniques for supporting those children & young people? 

If YES, then SandStory Skills® training is for YOU!

What is SandStory Skills® training?
SandStory Skills® is a gentle, creative and innovative technique which supports self expression using sand, symbols and creative storytelling to promote positive emotional development safely.


So what does this look like in practice?

SSS is a planned intervention, working 1:1 with a child, using sand, small world figures and games. These resources are used by you as a certified SandStory Skills® practitioner to lead the play over a set time frame to help children to express themselves emotionally.  

Who is SandStory Skills® training for?

SandStory Skills® is perfect for those kind hearted professionals who are not therapeutically qualified but are passionate about supporting children to find their voice and tell their stories. This includes but is not limited to;






  • Youth Workers                                  

  • Youth Offending Team Officers

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

  • Foster/Adoption Workers

  • Nursery Managers

  • Nursery Nurses

  • Family Support Practitioners

  • Teachers.                                           

  • TA's

  • Learning Mentors

  • SENCOs

  • ELSAs

  • Pastoral Teams

  • Social Work Assistants

  • PRU Teams

  • Behaviour Support Practitioners

  • Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners

How can I use SandStory Skills® training?

On successful completion of training you will become a certified SandStory Skills® practitioner. The training will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to successfully run SandStory Skills® as a safe, soft touch intervention that allows children to express and explore their story creatively and safely. This will be led by you as a certified SandStory Skills® practitioner.  

How does SandStory Skills® help Children?
SSS can be beneficial for any child. Most children at some point will struggle too adjust to life's challenges, not all of these children will need or want therapy, however there are benefits to soft touch interventions such as SSS. SSS is particularly beneficial for those children who; 

  • find it difficult to express themselves

  •  struggle with low self-esteem

  • struggle with low confidence/self-belief

  • communicate through challenging behaviours

  • have difficulties with peer relationships 

When children and young people are really listened to and able to tell their stories they are less likely to develop more serious emotional difficulties. 

What are the course requirements?
No previous therapeutic training is required. Although the training isn't therapy, nor a substitute for therapy there are therapeutic benefits to SandStory Skills® interventions.  

You will be required to attend all 3 training sessions, as well as carry out simple tasks independently in order to practice what you have learnt. There will be a short training reflection to submit following the training. Your certificate will be issued upon successful completion of these tasks.  

When are you running SandStory Skills® training?
In partnership with Northumberland County Council we will be running SandStory Skills® training as a live, online training on the following dates;

Cohort 1

Session 1 - Monday 23rd November (1pm-4pm)
Session 2 - Monday 7th December (1pm-4pm)
Session 3 - Monday 14th December (1pm-4pm)

(All sessions must be attended to complete training)

There are only 12 places on this training so that each participant gets the most from the course.

What is the cost for SandStory Skills® training?
Those who are school SLA members with Northumberland County Council will receive an AMAZING 50% discount! (that's £150!)
Meaning for a limited time this is only £150pp!

For non school SLA members the cost is £300pp. 

Secure your place below, we cannot wait to share this wonderful training with you!

Supporting Bereaved Children
2-hour online Workshop

Statistics estimate that in the UK; 


a parent dies every 22 minutes
(Childhood Bereavement Network (NCB), November 2016)


 In today's terms, that equates to around 309,000 school age children across the UK.

That is around 1 in 29 (or roughly one per classroom)
(Childhood Bereavement Network (NCB), November 2016)

 Those statistics don't account for other significant bereavements either; Siblings, Grandparents etc. 
Let that sink in for a moment. That is a lot of grieving children in the UK.


Bearing that in mind it is very likely if you are working with or caring for children and young people that you will find yourself supporting a grieving child and their family at some point. 

This can feel so overwhelming, often due to fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. 

In our 2-hour workshop we will explore;

  • the effects bereavement and loss may have on children 0-16 years

  • some theory around grief

  • how the current pandemic has impacted on those grieving

  • ways you can help children to cope day to day

  • how we can help children to remember

  • resources/support available in the UK and locally


When are you running the supporting bereaved children workshop?

In partnership with Northumberland County Council we will be running our bereavement training as a live, online workshop on the following dates;

Monday 16th November (4pm-6pm)
Monday 18th January (3.30pm-5.30pm)

This workshop is FREE to those working with children and young people in Northumberland only. 

Secure your place below!

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